I survived my first Father’s Day as a dad. But, I did not come out unscathed. I will forever bare the mark of my love for my daughter Jean Louise. To commemorate my first Father’s Day as dad to the most precious thing in my life, I spent an hour under the needle of skillful […]

Control For The Future


It’s my normal practice to steer clear of political debates on the internet. Generally it is a no-win situation with whoever you are “debating” with in regards to whatever issue you may be “debating” about. A “dad blog” might not be the ideal site to discuss political issues, but in this case I am making […]

Sibling Rivalry

Jean Louise & Scioscia

We might have only one child (currently), but we do have quite the menagerie cohabiting within our approximately 900 square foot abode. There are the two parental units–my wife and myself–as well as the aforementioned single child, Jean Louise. To add to the mix we also have an eight year-old seventeen pound male cat named […]

Anything But Routine


So it’s been over a month since my last blog post, and a few months since I posted about “posting more” on my dad blog. Everyone warns expectant parents that they’ll be losing sleep once their new family member arrives, but what they fail to mention is the amount of spare time for things like […]



There’s an artist on Instagram that has become an instant hit with dads over the last two months. Her name is Snezhana Soosh and her Instsgram handle is vskafandre. • hoola hoop • And, this dad is no exception. Soosh’s father/daughter art first caught my attention on my Facebook feed where other fathers of daughters I know […]

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